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Yoga with Wayne enabled me to reach new limits and discover both the beauty and powerfulness of yoga. With his supportive and encouraging guidance I discovered new insights and witnessed the transformative effects yoga has on the mind and body. His deep spiritual and soul awareness has inspired an enthusiasm for making yoga an integral part of my life. Wayne's studio has a calm, welcoming ambience that is ideal for yoga practic
Wayne Leal...born to teach Power Yoga. From the moment i met Wayne Leal on the opening day of the Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in London, i knew he was destined to be amongst the very best teachers where he goes. Few people have the life experience, long mastery of Zen and martial arts, experience teaching groups and personal training, and have charisma, intelligence, sense of humor, and contagious positive charm that Wayne has been blessed with. Studying Power Yoga with Wayne Leal is a very smart move! He emphasizes safety and intelligence in his approach to the physical body, and never neglects the most powerful benefits of yoga regarding awareness, quality of life, and spiritual illuminaton. His studio is very beautiful and located in Fulham. Fred Busch Director, Miami Yogashala
I have being attending one to one sessions with Wayne since March this year. Results are amazing! I never being so close to my body, to myself. He is extremely professional and totally dedicated to his work! His mission is clearly to make people aware of their own potential, both mental and physical. He introduced me to Yoga in a such a way that I am training now to become yoga teacher! Every session with Wayne is different, always vibrant and dynamic. I feel taken care of, pushed to my limit and appreciated for my effort. it is a great, great pleasure to work with him! Beata
Wayne offers a holistic approach to fitness and well-being and creates 1:1 sessions tailored to your individual needs; he doesn't believe in regimes or quick fixes, intead he lives by simple principles - patience, balance, strength & attention to detail. More than anything Wayne makes fitness surprising and fun. Over time you notice your body is changing as well as your mind. I have fallen in love with feeling better, living better and believing this is for life rather than another quick fix. I can't recommend Wayne more highly. He's a great guy and if you want to know how to live, take a look at him. He is living proof that well-being and fitness are age-defying.
Recently I have been feeling lethergic and sometimes quite unwell and I knew a lifestyle change was required. A change of my eating and drinking habits and a need to get fitter. With this decision to change, I realised Wayne was the man to go to. I had my first training session with Wayne this morning and I am feeling great! It was not a breeze, but nor should it be, otherwise it would ineffective. Wayne can tell exactly what you are capable of and encourages you along. I had no idea that I could achieve what I did today! With having the whole gym to ourselves, together with the service and knowledge Wayne provides made the whole experience exclusive! I am looking forward to my next training session with Wayne and will book myself onto one of his future four day weekend detox sessions. Wayne is an absolute professional and I wholly recommend him.
I have been through many counsellors, Dr's, psychologists etc. that have tried to teach me mindfullness and relaxation but it wasn't untill your class, 3 years later from my mum's death, that I can now feel stronger and more confident as a person. I have thoroughly enjoyed your class and you are a magnificent teacher, may you continue to change people's lives for the better. Sarah
I go to BodyGym for one on one yoga practice with Wayne Léal. Yoga with Wayne is both a workout for the body and mind... his knowledge of anatomy and alignment helps me to get the maximum out of my body and my practice and his NLP training leaves you with an understanding of what you can achieve if you want it enough. This has not only helped me to deepen my yoga practice but ultimately helped me to change my life. I recommend Wayne to anyone who really wants a trainer to help them to change their body, to help them change their lifestyle and ultimately help them not only look better but feel better in health and happiness... and also he's a great guy! BodyGym is different, it is a really comfortable environment to work out in... it is private, relaxing and a great space to be. - Cassie
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