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Mindful personal training, for fitness, weight loss or recuperation.

Celebrity fitness Guru Wayne Léal is the co-founder of 'Power Yoga London Miami'. And the creator of VibePlate At fifty two, (looking in his thirties), he is the epitome of his own 'age management' methodology.

Whether he's teaching from his favourite venue in Bali, Miami or his personal training studio, he provides 27 years 'personal training' experience. Notwithstanding a catalogue of past injuries (fractured skull, broken nose, four knee operations, dislocated shoulders and degenerative spine), he's suffered through sports including; horse riding, karate, boxing, motor biking etc he exercises daily.



If you're not happy in your yoga class - or if you've gone as far as you can privately - it's time to get back to the roots of yoga.

Traditionally, yoga was always taught on a one to one basis and individual sessions with Wayne, he can help you progress further and faster towards your goals. His use of NLP with Power Yoga and has helped athletes to become winners by giving them the tools to focus on what they want to achieve and the process required to get there.

As Wayne say's "When people believe they can change, their attitude will ultimately frame who they are."
Wayne teaches Public drop-in classes (£10) at Fitrooms in Fulham. Club membership is not required.


Wayne has remodelled the concept of 'Power Plate' into 'VibePlate Yoga', a vibrating yoga mat that increases the effectiveness of yoga as an exercise.


Power Yoga on the VibePlate is especially good for women, abdominal fat is a common problem with most women. The fat in this region differs from the fat elsewhere in the body. There are more receptors for the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone levels rise and fall with varying situations but can remain at an elevated level if you are under constant stress. High cortisol levels can lead to increased fat deposition in the abdominal area. The 'Yoga Plate' vibrations helps in tackling abdominal fat, improves bone density and stimulates the lymphatic in its fight to detox every cell of your body.



Weight loss at BodyGym is a far cry from the hours of boring aerobics you may be used to. Instead, it uses a combination of interval training and yoga asana. Yoga is still the best whole body workout and brings mental and spiritual benefits as well. Interval training is an aerobic workout that burns a lot of calories and helps your body become more efficient at burning off excess fat.




The South Beach Detox employs simple but effective methods for intelligent eating, proper exercise, good rest, and awareness The 4- day Weekend Detox, is a holistic combination of diet, rest, yoga massage and yoga asana providing the body with the right ingredients to expel stored toxins. This enables your body to use its vital energy in a direction other than the attempt to digest food, which is the body's number one energy drain.

The South Beach Detox was created by nutritionist Fred Busch,author and founder and director of the Miami Yogashala- Bricknell and South Beach and Wayne Léal.


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Testimonial for Wayne from Claire


I started training with Wayne in the early 1990s. I was in my latter twenties and looking to get fit and firm.  I had become entangled in a sorry cycle of toxic relationships and comfort eating and although I was never technically overweight, my self perception was skewed.

Previously, I had tried but failed to maintain any regular exercise routine and thought personal training would be the answer.
It was! Having someone waiting for you and that financial incentive got me to the gym!

However, once a routine was established and I could see the first effects on my physique my training sessions became something I truly looked forward to.

This was due to Wayne's commitment and willingness to believe in me as a human being. As a result of my regular training sessions with Wayne, when my body became stronger, so did my sense of self.

I stopped training with Wayne due to a move overseas, but I still use his workout routine to this day and hear that motivating voice in my head. He must have been doing something right as how many women can say they started a fashion modeling career after they turn 40!!

However, the lasting impression Wayne has made on my life is more than just skin deep.


Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I started the fight of my life as I endured 2 chemotherapies, surgery and radiation. I drew upon what Wayne had taught me - to go that bit further even when I felt I could do no more.  I had the history to prove I could do this and that inner strength and self knowledge was a key part of my journey to health.

I visited Wayne this past summer at his new BodyGym location in Fulham Broadway and found it to be an amazing place. It is a peaceful haven from the moment you walk in and I am envious of anyone able to train with Wayne now in this setting, particularly with his new Yoga mastery.  For those who do not want the eyes of the world upon them.  This is the sanctuary you are looking for.

I would recommend training with Wayne to anyone, whatever your goals might be. I know for a fact that your physique will change for the better and I firmly believe that, like me, your attitude and quite possibly your life will be changed forever.









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