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If you own or run a business did you know that procrastination is your deadly enemy?


What should Jersey employers be thinking about? It is in the interests of employers to promote health and well-being in the workplace. Healthy, happy and well motivated employees are less likely to be affected by stress and absence and contribute positively to the high performance and productivity of the organisation. Whilst many organisations support employees in stopping smoking some smokers find this difficult and are unwilling to stop completely and are increasingly turning to the alternative of e-cigarettes to reduce the level of health harming toxins from smoking.

BREAKING NEWS – Changes to unfair dismissal rules in Jersey

From 1 January 2015 any employee starting work with an employer will have to accrue 52 weeks' continuous service in order to qualify for the right not to be unfairly dismissed instead of 26 weeks'.

'thebestof' Jersey’s car boot sale tips!

Whether you’re having a clear out, moving property or simply want to make a bit of extra dosh, taking a pitch at a car boot sale can be an excellent way to get other people to pay you for the items you don’t want anymore.

Be safe at the beach this summer

Water safety tips fom Royal Lifesaving Society. Better safe than sorry.

Have you met Bob?

20 June 2014 12:39

Bob’s a robot security guard tasked with helping security officers to keep the G4S office safe and secure.

What lessons for business managers in England’s opening World Cup game?

There was an interesting lesson for anyone who owns or manages a business in what happened during the match last Saturday. Can you guess what it was?

Would you like to win £100?

27 February 2014 10:25

‘thebestof’ Jersey is all about ‘local’ and we love showcasing the best local businesses, events and island information. Currently we are looking for more business recommendations so I want to provide an incentive for local people to tell us about the excellent local businesses they know and trust. You could win £100, interested?

Some tips to help business owners master Twitter - in 5 minutes a day!

A lot of business owners who are new to Twitter struggle to post suitable and engaging tweets and to build up the number of people who follow them, so how, as a busy business owner, can you use Twitter wisely to raise your profile?

David Spiller’s business goes from strength to strength

David is a top notch carpenter/joiner and since joining ‘thebestof’ Jersey he has receive many rave reviews from his happy customers. Whatever the job, if it involves wood, David’s the man to call. He is also an accomplished tiler.

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