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Tidal is a golden aged rum infused with oak smoked Pepper Dulse seaweed foraged during spring tides in Jersey.

“Our rum is a drink for the end of a long week, the start of a night of adventure, to share with friends or to warm the soul.” The Tidal Rum.

Tidal Rum is a blend of four aged golden Island rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic.  The added infusion of Pepper Dulse gives the Tidal Rum its unique deep earthy truffle flavour.  The infusion process uses both fresh Pepper Dulse and that which has been gently oak smoked to craft this unique Tidal Rum.

“We chose Pepper Dulse because of its intense moreish palate: surprising, mineral, earthy truffle, aromatic, subtle garlic and peppery. It is commonly know as the 'Truffle of the sea'.

Pepper Dulse (“osmundeapinnatifida”) is a little known Jersey delicacy. 

It is a species of red alga seaweed harvested seasonally from sheltered rocky shores, only at the Spring Tides, from December to May. Foraged at low tide it is only ever trimmed rather than rather than picked to create and maintain an environment in which Pepper Dulse can flourish and grow sustainably in optimum conditions. 

How does it taste? 

This infusion of tidal botanicals balances the caramel toffee hues of the rum, enriching the blend for a more complex and refined drink. 

This is how The Tidal Rum team describe the flavours…

On The Nose

A well balanced sweet nose with fresh citrus, immediately followed by a deep rich oaky chocolate with bitter orange. Pepper Dulse comes through this all adding to the complexity and marine note. 

On The Palatte

Heart warming rum with a good texture, nice progression from balanced sweet, hint of tannin, to tarte smoke. Dark chocolate orange with heavy red wine. Overall smooth, fresh and distinctively influenced by Pepper Dulse.  

On The Finish

A long and rich finish that gives more than a typical rum. As the caramel and bitter orange fade away, the deep truffle flavour of Pepper Dulse is left, a reminder of the sea. 

How is it produced?

Jersey has an exceptionally large tidal range (up to forty feet). This enables those who know where to look to forage, on foot, for ingredients that would normally require deep diving. This coupled with the unique micro-climate provide the perfect conditions to access a sustainable supply of tidal botanicals, such as Pepper Dulse. After foraging a fresh batch of Pepper Dulse we sun dry, oak smoke and then infuse our bespoke blended rum with it. This gives Tidal Rum its unique flavour. 

How to drink it?

Tidal is best served on the rocks. It’s wholesome flavour with a smooth oak finish warms, replenishes and evokes memories of the sea.

The distillery also recommend their signature serves, The Tidal, Tidal Daiquiri and Old Fashioned. You can find their recipes on their website. 

Shop Tidal Rum and discover where you can go to enjoy a measure locally on their website.

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