Happy New Year, time to get fit in Islington
4th January 2013
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So another year has flown passed and I bet if you're like me you can barely remember last years New Year's resolutions. For me that's mainly as I didn't make any, but this year is going to be different.


As someone who is usually relatively fit last year was a bit of let down. I exercised maybe once a month and became pretty unfit by the end of the year. Probably easy to guess if you look at most of my blogs towards the end of the year where I talk about the best bars, restaurant, nights out in Islington and there is very little in the way of wholesome activities.


So This year I decided to start off with some recommendations and how to start getting fit around Islington and keep that New Year's resolution.


If you fancy a harsh introduction to the fitness in Islington this January you could join me at London Fight Factory down by Old Street where you can learn Ju-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Boxing and MMA. I've being going there for a few years and find the instructors very good. They'll push you and if you're feeling brave they'll organise fights for you. 


If that's a little full on and you want to ease yourself in I'd recommend getting a personal trainer who can push you at your own pace. Try Drakes Gym Clerkenwell, Islington where they operate a very welcoming and friendly environment with none of the shouting you can sometimes get with personal trainers. They may be a bot more expensive than a gym but you'll get so much more out of it. Anyway sign you for 12 months to a regular gym and not use it and you'll just be throwing money away anyway!


If you are looking for a regular gym you've got a lot of choices. All the main brands are in Islington. You've got a 24 Gym on Pentoville Road called Anytime Fitness and I think another 24 hour gym has opened up in Clerkenwell. While I can't imagine my self going to the gym at 3am apparently they are becoming very popular.


You're also got the Aquaterra Leisure centres dotted around Islington. These have good facilities from swimming pools to badminton courts and they run in expensive classes that will get you in to shape.


If you're after something a bit more out doorsie Higbury fields is your best bet. You can play tennis and there's a free park run every Saturday morning.


That should be enough to get you started but the trick is to keep it up :)

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