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Maximising on one’s Pension is an important initiative, the prospect of having sufficient income after retirement should be a comforting one, but is it?...
Being ready for the challenges that life throws us can help in making the experience much easier and more fulfilling....
Individual savings account or ISA is a kind of savings account introduced by the government where you don’t have to pay any taxes unlike other savings accounts that requires tax from the interest your money is earning....
Do you need some professional financial advice in Ipswich?
Are you struggling with your financial decisions, Thompson Financial could help!
Equity release is a way to release funds from a property you own....
Choosing a Financial Adviser
Choosing a Financial Adviser
While some people may feel they'll never need a financial advisor, or believe they are savvy enough not to need one, there will often be times in your life when it becomes prudent to seek their services.
New Pension Freedoms
New Pension Freedoms
What do the new pension changes mean for you?
Some people are sceptical about using a financial advisor; not only are they expensive but the advice they give may not be a sound choice for you!...
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Last year I made a decision to allow Mark Thompson to look after my Pension fund which sadly had been under performing for a number of years. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Mark Thompson...
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