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Premier Plus Ltd Independent Financial Advisors St Neots, St Neots

I am a professional landlord with a mid size rental portfolio. The main key to success is having the best financial, legal and maintenance teams in place. I have been building my portfolio for 15 years and have nurtured associations with many such organisations over that time. With regard to finance organisations, I have worked with those that charge large fees, medium-size fees or no fee. Whether the financial organisation charges a fee or not is not taken into consideration at all when I am choosing whom to place my trust in and form what I hope will ibecome a mutually beneficial long term relationship. After being disappointed on a number of occasions, by a number of companies, I was recommended to Premier Plus in St Ives. Since I began working with them I have been building an extremely successful relationship with the team. Everybody from the senior management through to the admin team are extremely perceptive, understanding of requirements, and able to grasp very quickly major areas of product, service and finance needs. They certainly give he impression hat nothing is too much trouble, and I actually look forward and enjoy receiving emails and telephone calls from the team - which speaks volumes in this business. I have absolutely no problem on the line guys everybody for financial services. They would be truly deserving winners of this award.