Second Hand Smoking Risks
24th December 2012
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It is well known that smoking during pregnancy has negative effects on a child's health - such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder.

But new research from The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing has shown that environmental tobacco smoke is just as harmful to expectant mothers.

A recent edition of Neurotoxicology Journal reports that over 10% of expectant mothers that were exposed to environmental tobacco smoke have children with behaviour problems - including attention problems and aggression, worse performance in speech and language skills and intelligence testing.

So, even if an expectant mother does not smoke herself, an unborn chid could be at risk. Giving up smoking with hypnotherapy is often instant, done without cravings or side effects.

It saves an awful lot of money - a twenty a day smoker spends over £2500 a year on the habit - and the health benefits are numerous. Giving a new born child a better chance in life is a huge incentive too.

Effective Hypnosis offers Hounslow Borough residents cost effective ways to stop smoking, simply look at their feature page on The Best of Hounslow Borough to contact them.

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