Have you heard of the Reach & Wash Window Cleaning?
11th December 2013
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You may have seen it written somewhere or heard about it but do you actually know what Reach & Wash Window Cleaning is all about:

Here are a few facts

  1. No detergent is used so this is environmentally sound
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Uses pure filtered water to clean windows 
  4. Health & Safety - no buckets and ladders
  5. Windows stay cleaner for longer


Our technique for window cleaning is “Reach & Wash System” which eliminates ladders and is fully compliant with the health and safety legislation.  The Reach and Wash system uses a pole through which jets of PURE filtered water without chemicals is fed to specially designed soft brush bristles at the end.

Call RPC Cleaning on 0208 994 4778 to obtain a quote - there may still be time to fit you in before the big man in the red suit arrives on 24th December!


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