Bathroom Cleaning Tips
19th June 2014
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From years of experience in the Cleaning business in London, we know that the least favourite room in the house to clean is the Bathroom. Here are some simple cleaning tips to make your life a little easier

Here are RPC's cleaning tips on how to clean the bathroom:-

  • After showering, take a minute to wipe down shower doors with a cloth towel (like a facecloth) or use a squidgee to help remove soap scum and prevent lime scale deposits, this will help in the long run!
  • Stop mildew growth in the bathroom by  opening windows to decrease moisture - grout is porus! 
  • Lime Scale can clog shower heads - white vinegar will clear this problem. Secure a plastic bag over the head with rubber bands and fill with vinegar, leave over night to soak - you will be amased!
  • To remove hardwater ring from the inside of the toilet - pour white vinegar and leave for at least an hour - scrub and flush (OK, we know it does not smell great, but it does work!)
  • Mirrors are often the focal point of a bathroom, keep on top of build-up by wiping down regularly.  

At the end of the day, the bathroom is a room where hygiene and cleanliness is vital.  It should be cleaned on a weekly basis.  That is the reason why bathrooms are made of materials such as tiles or porcelain surfaces - these surfaces do not easily stain and are easy to keep clean.

Get in touch if RPC Cleaning can help with you one-off property cleaning - we love to clean!


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