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Mortgage Solutions by Paul Johnson, Stevenage

I could tell the whole world about how great Mortgage Solutions by Paul Johnson were at finding my husband and I a mortgage that would mean we could release some equity in our property to buy land in Scotland - being self-employed I didn’t want to have to jump through all the usual hoops and we were looking for a mortgage company that would base income on my husband’s salary alone. I could rave about how efficient Mortgage Solutions by Paul Johnson were - always getting back on email or phone quickly with any query we had. I could go on about how fast and easy the whole process was... within four weeks the mortgage was complete and the money in our bank account. But instead, I just want to thank you. Thanks to all Mortgage Solutions by Paul Johnson's help, we had an offer accepted on a plot of land on the Isle of Arran two days ago - something we weren’t sure we’d be able to do six months ago. I have been very pleased with the whole process of using Mortgage Solutions. From initial contact to the end of the job, it was a very simple process. Would I recommend you and Mortgage Solutions - YES, emphatically! They do help make dreams come true.

Women In Business Network, Hitchin

Women In Business - Great business contacts and business. Like minded women