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Emanuel Moldovan Photography, High Wycombe

A week before Christmas when we arranged to have our photo-shoot with Emanuel: it was a cold, dull and windy day - the photos don't show it. It was the first day of the school holidays. Our daughter was tired from the term and our son had missed his nap; they spent the day whining - but you can't see it in the pictures. We were tired, it was freezing despite our winter clothing and although we tried to make it fun, we weren't sure how long we'd last. Now we have happy memories stored in wooden frames to show for it. I have to say that Emanuel is more than a photographer with a good eye. He didn't just capture the best moments of the day, but moments of the day that I'm fairly sure never occurred. I was amazed by the quality and professionalism of his work. He was brilliant with our kids and I couldn't recommend him enough. It's the best photo-shoot we've ever had. He's more than a photographer - he's clearly part magician.