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13th May 2015
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Marketing advice- when you have a great business you want to tell people about it, but don't always have the biggest budget to do this. Best of Hereford is expanding, it isn't just an internet marketing device, it can help you to come up with ideas to directly communicate with your prospective customers and help implement marketing strategies.

Raise your profile- if you don't have a website or your website doesn't come very high up in google search then best of hereford is a way to get your business noticed, when someone googles your business it will direct them to your best of hereford page on the first page of google. Best of Hereford website is updated daily with current content which keeps customers updated with the latest news from your business.

Network- being part of Best of Hereford you meet the othermembers and become part of a support network for businesses where you can share ideas, gain support and feel part of a community of local businesses.

Social media management- in this day and age we've all gone a bit social media mad, and keeping on top of it can seem like a struggle. Best of Hereford can help you get your head around it and learn how to use it effectively in a business.

Part of a national brand- Best of is a national brand, supporting local businesses all across the UK. If people want to find a company, they go to Best of, in the same way people always used to use the yellow pages, they now look to recognisable and reliable sources on the internet- eh voila- Best of Hereford!

Access to special offers- being part of Best of Hereford gives you access to monthly special offers, from regular discounts on products or services.

If you think this sounds like something you would benefit from, give Hannah a call on 01432 291012 to get more information.

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