We are now the proud parents of a mini sewage treatment plant
11th February 2010
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What can't you put in your mini sewage treatment plant?

Brenda and I have recently moved into a new house and are responsible for a mini sewage treatment plant for the first time and today we had Aquassist of Hereford out to give us some advice.  Basically - Jeff told us if you can put it in your body you can put it in your sewage treatment plant.  We are great fans of environmentally friendly products already, being Wikaniko Distributors, and we are now learning that looking after the planet definitely begins here at home.

The other thing we learned was that we couldn't give it any beer - not that there is usually any left!

Oh well - I am sure we will learn the hard way what to feed it to keep it healthy - thought bringing up children was hard.

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