The Ultimate Children's Birthday Party!
27th April 2015
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Growing up what was the one thing you looked forward to more than anything? School holidays? Defintely! Christmas? Defintely!

But what was the one thing that was totally yours? Or it was if you were lucky. Of course I am talking about a birthday party!

Every year from around early February I would start thinking about how I was going to celebrate being another year older. And bearing in mind my birthday is in May, I think that indicates my excitement and need for forward planning.

I used to love everything from writing the invites to putting together party bags, from playing party games to making a wish when I blew out the candles on my cake.

Here are a few suggestions to making your child’s party memorable;

1)      Keep it old school- okay so I know children love computers and modern techie things, but actually some of the old games are the best, like pass the parcel and musical chairs are always a winner.

2)      Have a theme- Fancy dress is brilliant! From dressing up as pirates or fairy princesses it always great fun, and easy for parents to make or buy their child’s costume

3)      Make something- if you have a big group of children, trying to get them to stay calm for any length of time is always a challenge, collect old cereal boxes, toilet rolls and packaging and get the children to make something, this will help save money on party bags as the children can take it home with them. Or for smaller groups you could get them to decorate biscuits or make their own pizzas, this is great as you don’t have to make food as the children can make it themselves.

4)      Have an entertainer- Sometimes this can be costly, but it takes all the pressure of yourself and having a professional they already have everything planned, and can keep the children engaged and entertained.


1)      Treasure hunt- Nothing says a birthday more than a bit of light competition. Get creative coming up with clues or hiding objects around the house and garden, with an ultimate prize at the end- one they can all share of course though, you don’t want anyone in tears! 


If you are planning a birthday party for your child then the go to place in Hereford would have to be the balloon shop on Commercial Street.

If you go and see Trudy and team they will help you add those special touches that will make your child’s birthday party that extra bit special.

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