The Courtyard - Impressions of Venice and Fast Soul
25th September 2009
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Last night Brian and I attended the opening of the latest exhibition being held at The Courtyard - Fast Soul and Impressions of Venice.

Fast Soul:

Georgina Vinsun intuitively layers paint to create a delicate veil over the chaotic elements entrapping her feelings, expressions and impulsive reactions to the ever changing elements of the sky within.

Impressions of Venice:

Ronald Swanick paints traditional watercolours and more abstract, impressionistic canvases, portraying both familiar and invented scenes of Venice and her surrounding islands.

Kathryn Roberts uses photography to capture everyday life and landscapes with the realistic accuracy and detail only a lens can provide.

Rodney Beecher Roberts creates large non-figurative canvases providing an opportunity for viewers to explore the moods or feelings evoked and stimulated through the artists' interpretation of this enigmatic City.

The Exhibition is being held from 24 September - 24 October 2009 in the galleries of The Courtyard, which is a stunning place to see these exciting images of Venice.

You can certainly experience the emotions, moods and sights of Venice through this collection of non-figurative, abstract paintings and photography.  It definitely brought back some happy memories of a holiday we had there a number of years ago, and inspired us to put it on our list of places we intend to visit again.

Pop into The Courtyard for a coffee or lunch and have a browse around the exhibition - it is FREE.  Take a holiday in your mind!


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