Summer arrived at last on Saturday!
1st September 2008
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What a lovely day it was.

We had arranged to go with our friends, for a walk and a cream tea at Symonds Yat East. None of us were feeling very energetic so the thought of a long, level walk along the river bank sounded just the thing.

We arrived at about 2.00 pm and the place was buzzing. The pubs and tea rooms were full to capacity and the little boat that crosses the river at this point had a lively queue. We managed to find a car parking space and headed away from the biz along the river path.

It was thrilling to watch all the canoes and kayaks on the river, they were all having so much fun. We walked along to Biblins bridge and had the thrill of watching all the canoes going below us while standing high up on the little bridge.


Image © Christopher Pritchard

It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying the Herefordshire countryside.

We walked back enthusiastically to Symonds Yat knowing that there was a lovely cream tea waiting for us at the Rose Cottage Tearoom.

If you know of some lovely walks, pubs, tearooms around Herefordshire let us know and we will give them a try and write about them here. Send us your photos and let the rest of Hereford and the country know what a lovely county we live in!!!!!

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