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19th May 2010
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There’s no doubt about it. This country has probably been through the worst period of unrest in a very long time and if you’re in business you know better than anyone how hard that can be. I don’t know about you, but these days I hear more doom and gloom than I do success and boom!


I believe that if we really want to succeed in business and still be there shining when others are becoming dull and a bit rusty we need to make some changes! It is very easy to become ‘affected’ by what we hear around us. Make no mistake, what we hear and what we listen to is very important and can actually effect our future.


Let me illustrate what I mean. Think about the media – the news to be precise. They have the ability to create any sort of mindset they chose for the people that listen to them. If there has been a flu outbreak they will report an epidemic. What does that do? It creates an expectation in the hearers that they are likely to get flu.


OK. So why am I saying all this? We need to be careful as business owners to not ‘take on’ too much of what we hear and choose to listen to something else. I believe there are probably many businesses that cease to be alive today purely because they listened to the wrong thing. What we hear will affect what we ‘see’ and what we ‘see’ will affect what we believe, and what we believe will affect what we achieve because you cannot go beyond what you believe you can do.


Despite what the doom and gloom reports say – whether that be recession, inflation bla bla bla – there are still people out there that are succeeding. Herefordshire needs businesses that are thriving not surviving. This city and county is made up of people like you and me who run businesses that will potentially considerably affect the prosperity of the surrounding area. We need to be showing the next generation that being successful in business is not only desirable but possible.


If you run a small business I want to encourage you today that it is possible for your business to thrive despite what is going on around us – you just need the right tools and a team of cheerleaders to spur you on.


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