Mother's Day
14th March 2015
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If you live in our household it's hard to imagine that Mother's Day isn't every day when you have such a wonderful, modest daughter such as myself.

Mother's Day began in the early 20th century in North America and is celebrated on various days around the world. In the UK Mother's Day is always on the fourth Sunday of lent.

It is a day to celebrate ones own mother and also to show your respect to people who are mothers. It is also a time for people to pay tribute if they have unfortunately lost their mothers.

I am extremely lucky in the sense that my mother is my best friend, but like all best friends she is incredibly difficult to buy for. Not long after Christmas it is her birthday and not long after her birthday it is Mother's Day. I constantly rack my brain to think of something that conveys meaning and isn't generic.

So give the most important person in your life? Well the answer is time. Not that my mum would complain if I bought her an enormous bunch of flowers and some earrings. But time is always important. Whether you make time for a phone call once a week or take her out for lunch, it's important to thank your mum for the support and love she gave you and if you are not one for sentimentality, at least you know you are keeping the card industry in business.

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