Ineedspex at Chiltern Cycling festival
25th June 2014
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Hi All,

on the 13th of July we will be in Old Amersham at the Vintage Cycling Festival, it is from 10:30am - 6pm with Free Entry so everyone is welcome.

At this festival Ineedspex will be holding a competition to win a pair of Brand new state of the art Cycling Glasses that can has 3 interchangable lenses and a perscription insert.

 A good reason to have cycling glasses is that they protect your eyes from things such as small stones, dust and other particles that could get in your eyes as you ride. The interchangable lenses also help you when cycling as a different lense is uswed depending on the weather conditions such as if its foggy then you use the orange lense.

To stand a chance to win these Glasses like us on Facebook to be put into the draw once and share the post to be put into the draw twice. You can also do the same on Twitter.




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