Good News for Hereford!
8th September 2008
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A common complaint these days is that the media in general and the local press in particular seem to think that doom and gloom is what we want to hear. However, at The Best of Hereford we do not subscribe to that notion - we are determined to shout about all that is best about Hereford and Herefordshire, including of course Herefordshire businesses.

So if you are in business and have something to shout about - whether it's an award nomination, winning recognition for being the best at what you do, or any good business news, tell us about it and we will publicise it - because that's what we do at The Best of Hereford.

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I have been reminded of what Sam Walton said back in the eighties….."I was asked about what I thought about the recession. I thought about it and decided not to participate."

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