Enjoy a fish supper!
10th March 2015
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Many moons ago when my Dad was at school, they used to have a recipe book where the mothers contributed their best recipes. Everything from tomato and orange soup to kidney and mushroom ragout. This one is my favourite! 

Poisson Jules 
1lb white fish

1oz butter 

1oz flour 

Half a pint of milk

 2 oz grated cheese 

1 teaspoon of mustard 

1 teaspoon curry paste 

Salt and pepper 

Half a bottle of wine 

Fill a wineglass with win, and check it's taste. Cut the fish into portions and boil for a few minutes. Refill glass to check wine is at correct temperature. Make a white sauce and add cheese and all seasonings. Fill glass again, and check colour is pleasant. Strain fish and remove skin and bones. Try a bit more wine to make sure it has an agrouable beequet. Plice fisshh in ovenprif doosh, cover with sssauce and put in oven for twinty menutess. Make sure no wine es lift in the bottle and add the ressst...of the... wine..to the glass. 


1) Use a whole bottle of wine instead of half; this is longer 

2) Omit the first instructions; this is quicker 

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