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10th June 2015
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We are lucky living in Hereford because everyone seems to committed to supporting the local community and creating really great business and community networks.

The Best of Hereford ‘Buy Local’ Campaign completely supports this ethos. There are so many fantastic Hereford based companies supplying exceptional quality products and services.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win £100 just by telling us your favourite business in Hereford, for more information see the main page of the Best of Hereford website.

Great Reasons to Buy Local

Advice and Expertise- When you speak to local companies they can usually give you great advice about the product because they know exactly what they are selling, and you always have a place to go back to if you are not happy.

Boosting the local economy- By spending money locally you are guaranteeing that more money stays within the community compared to larger companies where the money gets more spread out.

Supporting your own- Okay so maybe sometimes you can find yourself a bargain on the internet but it doesn’t bring the same satisfaction as buying from say a family run business or a local who built their business from the ground up.

Quality- Generally there is a lot more care and attention taken into making local produce as it’s not normally on a large mass production scale. Local companies can ensure you get exactly what you want and bespoke the product to your requirements. This leads to…..

Choice- Rather than just getting what you pay for with larger companies, local companies tend to have a lot more freedom with where they source their produce so if you’re looking for something unique or extra special they can help you with finding it. 

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