Best Business Provider Award - Winner - Kinder Pocock, Accountants
20th January 2009
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Best Business Provider Award



The Voting has now closed in our latest monthly awards and I am pleased to announce that Kinder Pocock has been voted Best Business Provider by their clients and the residents of Hereford.

A by product of the award nominations has been the increase in the number of testimonials on their feature, all now posted for everyone to see!

An example of which is below:

"I had been using another accountant (a rather large firm) until previously but I took a chance and changed to Kinder Pocock after the other company let me down. I am so glad I changed! It has made a world of difference. I feel a bit like my accounts and me are now closer together- Sharon does her job professionally and takes the time to explain what she has done. If she sees you might have any potential difficulities with your return - she tells you! This approach is absolutely invaluable and refreshing. I can't tell you the headaches I've had from chosing the wrong accountant in the past. I recommend Kinder Pocock in the highest sense. I will be staying put now, thank you Sharon for all your work- there will be more to come!" Lucy G

Kinder Pocock will be awarded with an engraved glass Trophy and a certificate. They will also have a professional photograph taken by Jay Watson of All Seeing Eye Images.

Well done to Sharon and her team at Kinder Pocock

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