Benefits to having a corporate video
30th March 2015
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When most businesses nowadays have website, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make yours stand out. Also in this age of social media consumers are getting their information in a whole new way. 

So what can put yourself above your competitors in the modern day internet where everyone and their cat (I’m not joking there) has a website? The answer - is video. 

With the increase in broadband speeds (fibre broadband coming to Herefordshire in 2016) has meant that 20% of mobile users view videos daily on their phone and 42% of daily traffic for mobile networks was used on viewing videos. 

That’s against 10% that’s used for social networking and 6% for news and information. 

So that's 42% of daily mobile traffic that you’ve completely cut your business out of because you don’t have a video on your website or on youtube.

That’s not even counting the 51 minutes of online video watching Britons get up to every week on their laptop/desktop or tablet.  

Like the internet in it’s infancy when there were truly awful website designers making a living as well as the good ones, there are those videographers who are truly awful.

And, like slick good looking websites, effective videos come at a price. So make sure you hire a videographer that understands your business and where it’s heading as well as has a great artistic eye, because you’ll want that video to stand the test of time.

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