Autumn Walk in Woolhope Dome
12th October 2009
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We had a lovely walk around Woolhope Dome on Sunday as part of The Big Apple weekend.  We met David, our guide, at Westons Cider Mill and a group of 15 of us set off up towards Marcle Ridge.  When we got to Marcle Ridge we enjoyed views of the Malvern Hills, The Cotswolds, Mayhill and a big chunk of South Herefordshsire.  David informed us about the geology of the area as we walked.  The walk took us to Woolhope via Sollers Hope where we walked past the beautiful church there, where the bells were tolling.  It was a lovely morning for a walk.  We meandered towards Woolhope and then back up onto Marcle Ridge and down to Westons where cider was purchased to quench our thirst.  We had walked along many unfamiliar public footpaths along the way, and were told of a leaflet that could be purchased from the Tourist Information Office with many different walks in the area.  We definitely felt better after our 8 mile walk. Thanks to David for a lovely morning. 

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