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27th February 2015
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In March it will be one year since Hannah has been director of Best of Hereford and 18 months she has been with the company. So I went to Hannah to find out what a typical day at Best of Hereford is like for her. 

"Every day is different" says Hannah, and that couldn't be any truer than today as she had spent the morning trying to get a bird out of her office. With a window sealed shut and a locked door, she couldn't see any way that the bird would have got in- what a mystery. 

So when Hannah isn't preoccupied rescuing birds, she would usually get to the office around 9, check her emails, update her Facebook and Twitter pages. 

This morning Hannah spent her time framing certificates for the winners of the local and loved awards. Moovit4u came 2nd in the Highly commended business in Hereford category with Hereford Gold coming first, who also took the prize of 4th most loved business in the UK for the jewellers category. 

Then Hannah will usually visit some of the Best of Hereford businesses to discuss marketing strategies and promotional ideas for their business. 

Today Hannah went to her networking meeting, Hereford Business Referral,where local businesses get together every week and present a 60 second presentation to the other business owners. 

And if that isn't enough adventure for Hannah for one day then she will either be in a meeting or spend the afternoons on the phone. 


Once everything is wrapped up in the office it's time for Hannah to head home, and have a glass of wine...or two. 

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