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Welcome to the Forest Bowmen Field Archery Club

Forest Bowmen Field Archery Club
In Heanor and Ripley


Who are Forest Bowmen?


Forest Bowmen are a well established Field Archery club of some 17 years, and we also existed for more than 20 years before that under a different name.


The club is located in Codnor, Derbyshire and covers approximately 27 acres of firmly established woodland of varied terrain, which is usually set out with a course of at least 36 permanent targets.


Because the woods are privately owned we are able to offer our members the opportunity to shoot on any day at times that suit them, throughout the year.


In addition to an interesting and challenging course, we also provide two practice areas with safety nets used for warming up, setting up bows and training prospective members. The centre of the club comprises a small clubhouse surrounded by ample parking facilities, with toilets and storage facilities also close by.


Many of our members are long established archers who are always happy to provide advice and guidance to the new member (or to help with excuses for the occasional missed shot!)


New members are always welcome whether they wish to shoot competitively or simply for their own pleasure.


The club is a member of Association of Field Archery Clubs (AFAC)


Club days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 9.30am till 1.00pm

We are happy to take bookings for special events such as pageants, birthdays, corporate games and activity days. Please contact us for details on


What is Field Archery?


Many people when considering archery will think of the type seen on the Olympics where the archers shoot on flat open ground over a known distance at targets of coloured rings. This is known as Target Archery.


Field Archery is different in that the archers shoot around a course of many targets, usually in a woodland type setting and over distances which are not specified.


Generally it is permissible to shoot any type or class of bow, ranging from longbows through to the Hi Tec compounds and crossbows.


The targets in Field Archery are animal pictures and can be anything from squirrels and rabbits, to big game such as bears and elephants. We should stress that we DO NOT shoot real animals.


Field Archery is a suitable sport for old and young alike.


It is also suitable for people with limitations, as long as they are able to negotiate the terrain of the woodland, though we would still encourage members of any ability to come and try the sport as we can frequently modify things to allow everyone to get pleasure from the sport in some way.




Membership costs are £26 per year (January to January) for all classes.Insurance is an additional £9 per year.


Membership is subject to either:

• Undergoing training from one of the club coaches.
• Satisfying a club coach by demonstration that you are competent and trained by other club/association coaches.


Youngsters up to 16 years old must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian.


Prospective members have the first session free of charge and will then be charged £6 per session thereafter. All equipment will be provided for training, but we would ask that your own equipment is used after membership is approved. We will give all possible guidance in sourcing equipment.


Bows, Arrows and other equipment


The club is well stocked with equipment for use at events and for use by trainees. We provide advice on the purchase of equipment and many of our members are skilled in the making of archery tackle, such as longbows, arrows and leather goods for sale to members.

We are all more than happy to help those who wish to have an attempt at making their own.


Typically we would recommend the following:
• Bow
• 6 arrows minimum
• Quiver
• Sturdy knife or screwdriver for removal of arrows from wood. ...(Yes! we do miss the targets occasionally)
• Finger tab or shooting glove
• Bracer (arm guard)


We are often able to offer second hand equipment suitable for novice and experienced archers.


We would also recommend clothing and footwear suitable for walking in woodlands, e.g. sturdy boots, full length trousers/jeans, etc. Padded jackets are generally unsuitable as they interfere with shooting.

Suppliers we use are:

Custom Built Archery ¦ KG Archery ¦ Merlin Archery Centre

Bullseye Archery ¦ Quick's Archery


Where to find us


Forest Bowmen Field Archery Club is situated at Exhibition Plantation, Long Lane, just off Codnor Road between Codnor and Riddings.


For SatNav, the postcode to enter is DE5 9QX


For more information or to book a FREE taster archery session,
please contact Mel or Wib (below) on these numbers:


Mel - 07919 360522


Wib - 01773 603925


or send an email to


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Forest Bowmen

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