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They play great music both old and brand new and they support local businesses, charities and not for profit organisations to advertise when they wouldn't normally be able to afford radio advertising
I've been listening to Amber Sound FM since moving into the area almost 2 years ago and have loved it ever since! I've come to know many of the presenters and can honestly say that this is a proper community radio station run by guys who love what they do. I even listen to them when I'm away! Keep up the good work!
Lovely People
Its hard to be the best but these guys sure do try ...
The music they play is just head and shoulders above the other local and indeed, national stations. They really do keep me abreast of what's important to me in and around my area and the presenters are so down to earth, fun and are real characters. Thanks Amber Sounds :0)
Love Amber Sound, they play requests and a wonderful mix of music:)
Fun songs and local insights! Love Trev Middleton in the afternoon! :-)
Great variety and lots fun little games and dedications and requests. What more can you ask of a radio station:) top marks
for local radio it has to be great mix of music and news that means something to us locals, the specialist shows late evenings are great too, well worth a listen, thanks ambersound
Amber Sound FM are absolutely fabulous! Great music with loads of variety and not the same tracks annoyingly repeated 20 times through the day! Love the request shows and the Time Machine! All the DJ's have a sense of humour and make their shows really interactive. Even the adverts are fun to listen to and very professioanlly produced, unlike other local radio stations I've heard before. My kids groan whenever the ads come on cos I always sing along (badly) to the catchy tunes. With loads of information about local events and local people, this really is a great local radio station. Long Live Amber Sound FM!
Amber Sound !!! Best mix of all the music I love. Local news and such as today, snow problems. They kept us in the loop and for those stuck in doors music to lift the spirit...X
Amber Sound FM gets my vote. Even if I live some thousand miles away from them, thanks to the internet I can listen to good music and fantastic people. I believe they are doing a fantastic job for the local communuty. The strength of a local business is that people are persons and not customers, and the strength of a local radio station is that listeners are persons and not just a percentage share of a national audience. I am glad I discovered them.
AMBERSOUND Get my vote... They are the best! They play music for every age group, plus they all a great bunch, do loads for charity - always giving... good on ya's.. X
Ambersound is a brill local station I listen everyday especially to Chris Knight in a morning and Garry Traffic on a Sunday afternoon they play a good variety of music to suit every taste x keep up the good work Ambersound
I love Ambersound, I listen every weekend to Sean Carter, fab music from my era!
Ambersound FM is the best local radio station by far, with it's diverse range of music and friendly local presenters. I once paid a visit to the studio out of interest and was made very welcome by the people who were there at the time, I was given coffe and biscuits and given an interesting insight as to how the station ticks. Tune into 107.2 FM - you won't be disappointed!!
Apart from the fact that the station displays everything that is excellent in local broadcasting, plays a wide range of music, is wonderfully interactive and works tirelessly for the local area; the staff are very welcoming and respectful when you work with them. Now have them as the default station at home and in the car - just wish they were on DVB :-) Seriously, if you haven't tuned in to 107.2FM yet then do so today - you will not be disappointed :-)
I love Amber Sound 107.2 FM. I listen all day and love the variety :-)
Amber Sound 107.2 FM are the best station by far :-)
It's a great radio station that really cares for the community that it serves. It's run by local people for local people which makes it the best company ever!
Not only am I an avid listener but also a current Advertiser! The Ambersound FM sales team visited me at home and explained radio advertising in all it's detail, leaving me safe in the knowledge I was in the right hands! Fantastic customer support from a brilliant local radio station! A huge 'thank you' from Ian at Amber Valley Locksmiths.
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