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David Doughty @ The Gallery in Haverhill is now offering video production services to help promote your company, product or service in a unique and engaging manner. Find out how you can connect with your audience and inject personality into your marketing through video.
Standing out from the crowd is a challenge in today's competitive market place, how do you put your business in the spotlight? David Doughty @ The Gallery in Haverhill has the solution - with the help of their commercial video production service your business can become the centre of attention.
Video Production
How does it work?
David and his team will meet with you to determine what you want to achieve with the video. Clear objectives and a well defined brief are vital ingredients to ensure your completed video fulfils your expectations.
The shoot will take place at your premises, on location or a mixture of both depending upon your requirements.
Generally a 60-90 second video can be accomplished in one day of filming; if different locations are required this could increase the time needed
Once the filming has taken place the all important editing follows. Editing is a key factor in how your video will flow and is quite a skill!
Your completed video will be made available to you on a DVD to use as you wish.
Why use video in your marketing?
Google loves video
They actually own YouTube, buying it for $1.65 billion back in 2006.
• Improve your rankings on the search engines
Video can help improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), making it easier for people to find you on the World Wide Web.
• Video is personal
You can enhance your trust factor immensely by appearing on video. You are inviting your customers and prospects to get to know you and your business by seeing and hearing you.
 • Video tells a story more effectively
Video gives customers a compelling and in-depth view of a product or brand that text and pictures cannot match. It's why great television commercials are so memorable
 • Video is here to stay
Video marketing is at the leading edge of technology, the trend towards using video is increasing, and it is here to stay.
• Video is cost effective
When compared to expensive magazine or newspaper advertisements that are only around for a week or a month at best your video can cost as little as £1.50 a day and be promoting your business for a year or more before it needs to be updated.
• Video is flexible
Once you have invested in the production of your video it can be used on your website, in email campaigns, social media, blogs and ezines - helping you to get your message out to your target market creatively and cost effectively.
• YouTube is FREE!
It's the third most visited website in the world and it doesn't cost a penny to put your video in front of over 800 million unique users who visit YouTube each month.
• Video is portable
You can carry your finished video around with you on a mobile phone, laptop or iPad. You can copy it to pass on to a client or distribute to customers.
 • Video can target
By using tags and descriptions with your video you can make sure you market directly to the people interested in your business, product or service. You are connecting with your target market.
Our pricing structure is simple:
For up to one days shooting at one location £500
Additional days shooting and locations are £250 per day
Video to DVD transfer
If you have your precious memories of weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and all those wonderful occasions with family and friends that you captured with your trusty video camera stored on VHS tapes it might be time you took the precaution of having them transferred to DVD.
Those precious memories are priceless but our Video to DVD transfer service is very reasonable! For only £10 per VHS tape you can ensure that the times in your live that really meant something are preserved.
Our Video to DVD transfer service includes all types of tapes - VHS, Mini DV, Video 8 and audio tapes. We can also transfer Cine Films, please call us on 01440 712 333 for a quote.
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