Free home security survey.
  • Valid until: 26/10/2024
Free home security survey.

At A1 Locksmiths and double glazing repair we believe that your home should be a place where you feel safe and secure, to that end we offer a free service of a complete home security survey.

We will make sure that the locks on your doors and windows at least meet insurance minimum requirements, (the last thing you would want after a break in is your insurer to say you are not covered as your locks are not up to scratch).

More than this though we will advise you on what makes certain houses more enticing to burglars and what deters them.

We can advise on outside lighting, outbuilding security, alarm systems and also safety issues like window restrictors for keeping your little ones safe.

A survey can take between half and hour to an hour and as I have said this is a free service.

We offer this service to show our customers that their security and safety  is more important to us than our profits. In the hope that when they or someone they know needs an honest locksmith they will know who to call.

Alan & Joshua Bain

A1 Locksmiths and double glazing repair.

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