Elaine'S Profile
Elaine Flook Performance Therapy & Personal Branding
Member since: 13th January 2015
Last login: 8th June 2021
Hometown: Hastings
Elaine is a consummate practitioner who has been working on herself and others for over 25 years. Combining her compassion and intuition with her commercial experience she has the rare ability to show humility whilst being robust enough to hold clients through very tough challenges both personally and in business.

Her approach is structured and real, combining her professional skills in Kinesiology, Counselling and Liberating Touch to assist clients in identifying sub-conscious blocks holding them back and clear them with a fuller understanding of how the blocks occur, the behaviour they use to disguise their fear or lack of self-esteem and identifying strategies to enable movement into a more authentic way of being. Ultimately, to be happier and healthier.