Women's Rock
Women's Rock
  • Hastings
    East Sussex
    United Kingdom
Creating social events, courses and opportunities for women to meet and better themselves and each other!

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Jaz and Emma came together as they wanted to support other women through their daily struggles in a

positive and love based way. Accepting all women from any background to come together via social interacting, courses and groups to raise their confidence, self-esteem and inspire them to be the best they can be.

Jaz and Emma both have their own interesting journeys to this point in their lives and have seen darker days and prevailed. They know all too well that when in that place you can feel very alone and if you don't have a good support network around you, you may find your self-isolated and on a downward spiral! 

This is the main reason Jaz and Emma created the Women's Rock Charity, to try and break this cycle and give those who want the support and understanding a place to go with women around them that want to help build them back up and maintain a strong foundation of support for the future too.

Jaz and Emma also believe that Women are AMAZING and we do not give ourselves enough praise. 

They have built a circle of friends who they refer to as Rock's that they go to and have found them instrumental in helping them be the strong women they are today and continue to be. 

Please join us in this awesome adventure and become who we are destined to be!