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I have recently attended a focus group and some training that Paul led and I thought he was excellent. Paul has a great presenting manner, is extremely personable and has a natural way of getting his points across.
A great presentation, all questions answered easily and make the presentation personal to our company. Would definitely recommend this company and software to other.
Great presentation, very impressive product that will be a valuable tool to our business.
A quick note to thank the team at Insight Sussex and beyond for the support and fairness that I experienced working for them on 'shopper' briefs. At all times they have been professional and caring which has made the jobs interesting and worthwhile for me the clients and the business.

Andy M
At Fuzion4 we have engineers and team members entering commercial and residential properties to service and fit our alarm and security systems. It was important to us that we could make sure that our team felt safe, and that they understood we wanted to hear about it if they didn't.

We commissioned the staff safety checker from insight6 which was quick and easy to set up.

Once the feedback was being received it was great to see that the vast majority of the team (86%) felt safe. The real-time email notification that informed us when a team member advised that they did not feel safe allowed us to swiftly discuss the issues with the individuals and resolve it for them.

We are also using the system to gather feedback from team members who are working from home and furloughed, and will shortly be expanding the system to gather insight from our customers too.

The safety checker is giving me peace of mind that we are fulfilling our duty of care towards our team.

Russ Keen
Director Fuzion4 Group
"Since we started working with Paul at insight6 he has transformed the way we think about Customer Experience. By seeing the business through the eyes of our customers, we now have a new perspective from which to improve our service experience online, on the phone and in-store.

Paul is a highly motivated, professional individual who really understands our business and genuinely cares about helping us to be the best we can be. He is well respected by our team and has helped us to move the business forward in many areas.

My only regret is not meeting Paul sooner!"
At Bartletts Seat it's always been important to us that we provide a great experience to our customers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to ensure that our customers felt safe during their interactions with us and that they felt we had adequately considered their personal safety.

We commissioned insight6 Sussex to gather feedback from our customers via their Covid-19 safety checker system. The system was set up quickly and we started receiving feedback straight away. Being able to see that customers had felt well looked after and safe during their interactions with us meant that I was confident that our processes were working as intended.

The system has also helped us to generate great content from our customers for use as testimonials, which will help to influence others to choose Bartletts SEAT in the future."

Richard Bartlett
Bartletts SEAT
"Like many independent businesses, at Sussex Beds the Covid-19 lockdown period has been challenging. Throughout this period Paul at insight6 has supported us with a number of initiatives aimed at giving us the best possible opportunity to bounce back quickly.

We have enjoyed weekly Zoom meetings with Paul, who is highly motivated and genuinely wants to help us to reach our goal. He has always been positive while showing a high level of empathy and understanding towards us.

Paul has supported us by managing two staff surveys which have helped us to understand how our team are feeling while furloughed as well as to help us gather feedback from our staff in preparation for them returning to work. In the week prior to our stores re-opening, Paul took our whole team through a virtual training session on how to deliver a great customer experience as lockdown lifts which was extremely well received and got our team ready to get started on a high.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to other business owners"

Steve Pickering
Managing Director
Sussex Beds
PLEASE NOTE, that I base my review purely on my own personal experiences, ones that I have actually witnessed and taken part in, and not based on hearsay or other outside influences. I have not received ANY reward financial or otherwise to write it. I simply believe in the principle of ‘Credit Where Credit is Due’ which is certainly what Insight6 deserve.

I have worked in the Customer Experience sector for Insight6, previously known as Shopper Anonymous UK, and other UK Customer Experience companies for the past six years. All of these businesses have been professional, and my experiences with them positive.

I have worked for Insight6 in the following regions, Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, London, Yorkshire and the Isle of Man.

It is important to note from the outset that you should not base the rewards purely on financial gain, as the fees are not substantial. However, there are reimbursements, and sometimes allowances and mileage, so it all adds up. This is especially true when you consider that I have had numerous meals, drinks, evenings and days out, cinema trips, golf days, UK holidays, day trips to France including visits and purchases to duty free and other outlets, skiing lessons, go-kart racing experiences, hotel stays, gym memberships, car test drives, car servicing, eye tests, building materials, cruise and holiday advice, tax, accountancy, divorce, dispute and contract legal advice, to name but a few, and ALL FOR FREE! The best part was being able to share some experiences with my wife, family, even our dogs have benefitted!

I have gained valuable knowledge of customer service and business practices, which I have adapted and implemented into my own businesses and my personal life. It has given me a different perspective and outlook on many issues, some that I was previously oblivious to. These alone are worth a small fortune, as they come from business experts. I also get regular free business newsletters and bulletins with free business advice.

Insight6 take great pride in their Customer Experience Reports, and ensuring the highest standards in relation to them, so paperwork and observational skills are very important. They provide outstanding support and feedback in regards to ensuring that all of their ‘Researchers’ are well looked after. They have excellent online training and reference information, together with personalised and bespoke feedback on each report that you submit. You get a grading, thus ensuring a consistent standard amongst researchers, plus it gives a very personal feel and sense of worth to all your hard work. It easy to see what you are doing right, as well as the things that require improvement, should the need arise. They send regular feedback requests and newsletters to their team members, together with regular personal communications to check that you are okay.

The support given to me by Insight6 was far in excess of my experiences with other similar businesses. Everyone at Insight6 always gave me the distinct impression that they truly valued me as member of the team, and the work that I did for them. A good example is when the odd assignment did not go as planned. There was always someone that I could contact to get guidance on how I should proceed. I never felt isolated, abandoned or in difficulty. I am highly impressed with the professionalism of the Insight6 management team, and I am more impressed with how friendly, engaging, supportive, understanding, and compassionate they all are. I would describe it like working with a warm group of friends or family, rather than a sterile and distant type of working relationship.

If you are looking for a company to work for, or indeed, as a client to commission a business in respect of how to deliver the highest standard of Customer Service possible, then I cannot urge you strongly enough to put Insight6 UK at the pinnacle of your short list, as it cares sincerely about its service delivery to both its clients and team members alike.
Paul at Insight6 has been a great help in focusing us as a business. Highlighting areas for improvement and development but also affirming what we are getting right as a business’. We use the detailed reports they provide to give praise and recognition to our team as well as provide training where required.
Paul and insight6 have helped us shape our culture and the way we deal with our clients using real-life examples of their actual experience with us. Paul has a friendly and welcoming approach and is able to identify issues and signpost success by utilising years of personal experience in the leisure industry and working with professionals
The program of mystery enquiries carried out allows me to walk in my customer's shoes and understand the experience they receive from our team. At Wakefields we are proud to boast high levels of satisfaction and repeat custom, which is down to the high emphasis we place upon our team members to put the customer at the centre of everything we do. I feel that Paul understands our business and that he has a genuine desire to help us to achieve our CX goals. Whenever we meet, there are always opportunities for learning, which is communicated in an open, honest manner.
I would recommend Paul at insight6 to any retail business looking to improve their customer experience.
Paul and Insight6 offer a really useful high-quality service and product. Practically we find the ‘insights’ helpful in keeping us honest with ourselves about how we’re all performing. Regular monitoring and feedback really drill into everyone the importance of caring and in that sense the training aspect is invaluable in setting the bar high on customer service and user experience.

Completely separate to the above is the additional value in the sense Paul really cares about what we’re trying to achieve. As one example I’ve received an email from Paul at c.9pm to let me know a web submission form on our website wasn’t working. In that sense the value of instructing Paul/Insight6 goes beyond the cost and benefit of their products alone. Thoroughly recommended.
Paul and I have contracted alongside each other with several key clients. We also work together in a mastermind group which I run, at which Paul is a prized contributor!

He has great personal energy, is highly personable, yet totally professional.

Insight6 deliver an essential and valuable service which I recommend without hesitation to clients and contacts alike!
I've been working for Insight6 Sussex since July 2018. I love the flexibiliy that my job offers. I usually do 2-3 visits each month. My line manager Tracy (Regional Support Manager) is amazing. She is very supportive, helpful and responds to my emails in a timely manner. I receive feedback on every report I submit which is extremely helpful.
I have been working with Insight6 for over a year now and it has been a positive experience. I get to visit places that I normally wouldn't get to go, and my family has really enjoyed these days out. There are guidelines and help when writing the reports up, there is always someone to talk to if you need help. The feedback is good and helpful, and the payments have always been prompt.
Paul at insight6 is our "critical friend" who challenges us to ensure Knockhatch is the best it can be. We use their mystery visit program to help ensure our visitors get the experience they deserve from our team. We then use the reports to give feedback to the team and we especially love rewarding team members when they overachieve expectations. The level of detail in the reports allows us to walk in our visitor's shoes and really understand the park from a different perspective.

Paul genuinely cares about our business and we know that we can count on him to provide honest advice (which may not always be easy to hear) whenever we need it. I would thoroughly recommend insight6 Sussex to any fellow business owners.
I have been a part time researcher for Insight6 Sussex for five years now and thoroughly enjoy completing the varied and interesting tasks that are offered to me.

Paul, Louise and Tracy are a super team to work for. They are always quick to respond to any queries that I may have in a friendly, professional and understanding manner. Their level of support is first class and I'm always thanked and made to feel valued for my efforts. Monthly pay is accurate and on time.

I only wish that there were more opportunities available to me each month, but as there are so many satisfied researchers, the visits have to be shared out! 😊
I have been a researcher/shopper with insight6 since April 2015. I have undertaken numerous shopping experiences with a wide range of businesses throughout a large section of the UK. I can categorically state that have never been told ‘not to provide perfect ratings’ when completing reports. Insight6 expect evidence, honesty, transparency and a balanced overview of the entire experiences. I am aware that insight6 are held in high regard by both clients and researchers. Undertaking shopping experiences on behalf of insight6 is a pleasure.
I have been a researcher for Insight6 for nearly 4 years and thoroughly love it. I am offered varied visits to go on which are sent to me usually a month in advance and am given so much professional support from the company if needed. I am always reimbursed for my visits on time and I have made some very good friends in doing this.
I find it very rewarding to go on a really great visit where things go well as I am then able to produce a really positive report which I know the company will see. This makes me feel so good.
I have recommended becoming a researcher for Insight6 to my family and friends with no hesitation at all as its something that can be done around other responsibilities and family time.
I’ve worked for this company for a number of years. First in London, then in East Sussex when I moved to Brighton.

The people I’ve dealt with have been honest and straightforward, and I’ve been given some great jobs. The assignment instructions are clear - guidance has always been given if I’ve been unsure of anything.

Feedback is given on all reports with hints on how to improve in the future.

I’ve always been paid the promised fee on time, with reimbursements for any expenses.

I’ve had no hesitation in recommending this company to other mystery shoppers in the past, and will continue to do so.
Have worked on and off for Insight6 for some time now, always found them to be professional, fair, pay on time (and generously compared to some) and, more importantly, they actually take an interest in the remote staff. I always give honest reviews and the feedback is always good. I certainly have had nothing but praise for them as a company thus far.
I have worked for Insight6 for three years and have invariably found the team efficient, kind and accommodating. Any queries I have had have been dealt with swiftly and resolved personally.
In order to earn a little spending money, I usually take on two or three assignments - telephone enquiries, web searches as well as personal visits to assess customer service. My report writing skills have improved and I have had some good days out!
I have worked with and for Insight6-Sussex for a number of years and have found them to be consistently, professional fair and honest
For the past 5 years I have worked part-time for Insight6 - Sussex and enjoy the flexibility that it gives me. The team are friendly and professional and they are happy to provide prompt answers to any questions. I have always been paid on time and without query. The jobs I have undertaken are varied, from supermarket shopping to visiting restaurants, and when I began working for them I tended to accept all the work they offered but these days I am more selective. However, they continue to contact me about work each month and it's up to me whether to accept it or not. This type of work suits my lifestyle and I would recommend anyone to give it a go.
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