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Ever felt stuck with your IT? Computing can be tricky, whether you are using your computer for work or personal use. That’s where ClaudeComputing comes in. Based in Hastings, Claude can provide support to personal and business users – so you never need feel stuck again!

More than just a ‘broke – fix it’ solution

ClaudeComputing provides a holistic IT solution for his customers.  This covers services for both business and personal computer users.

Ensuring your computer is safe and virus free is just one of the many ways Claude can help you.

Business IT support to help you stay on track

ClaudeComputing can provide help for local small businesses to build their IT systems by designing networks, sourcing computers and setting up the right e-mail communication for your business.

They can help train and support your team, to ensure that you become fully proficient in using IT, getting the maximum benefit from it. And, at ClaudeComputing, they also provide advice on new and existing technologies that can help grow your IT, fully sustaining and extending the life of your existing systems, with updates and monitoring.

IT support in your home

Ensuring you are safe and secure at home is becoming increasingly important.  ClaudeComputing undertakes PC / Laptop Health checks, offers virus removal, can assist with upgrades, set up home networks and help secure your devices too!

Build your confidence and your IT Skills with Claude Computing

Claude has over 17 years’ experience in IT and has gained a great reputation in both Hastings and London for his Support services and training.  A community-minded business with a mission to inspire confidence and knowledge in IT and tech – Claude is perfectly placed to guide you through the ever-changing world of Computing.

If you need help with IT as a business or personal user, get in touch with Claude today!  Visit his website or call 07434 811123. 

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