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As the World’s Number One coaching firm, ActionCOACH have access to a huge number of strategies to grow and coach businesses. If you need professional business coaching, talk to Simon at ActionCOACH Hastings today.

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World’s Number One Coaching Firm 

Ask yourself ...…

Why did you go into business for yourself? 

Did you hope for a better life for you and your loved ones? 

Did you imagine a life where your business generated enough profit and you had enough free time that you could enjoy the life that you saw other entrepreneurs enjoying?  

How has it worked out so far? 

Do you have or want a business that pays you a salary, enough to get by on, enough for a holiday ... or do you want a business that makes growing profits for you, that you work on not in, that your team can run without you and that becomes a valuable asset for you?

As a business owner do you ever find yourself running out of time to get things done or end up with an ever-growing pile of 'stuff'?  Are you constantly chasing after leads or trying to secure new customers?  Do you ever wonder where the next bill is going to come from or why you are always struggling to pay the salaries each month?

Or ... have you been at the reigns for a while but just hit a glass ceiling and can't seem to ignite that next stage of growth?

Or ... are you an owner manager, coming towards the time where you are looking for an exit strategy but you can't get a decent valuation for your business? 

Here at ActionCOACH Hastings, covering East Sussex and Kent, we help business owners to build commercial profitable businesses that can work without them and overcome the challenges they face every day running a business, building great teams, finding more time to do the important things in life or simply making more money.

If you are a business owner and would like to learn more about coaching or have a complimentary coaching session, then please call us now. 

More about our Managing Director

Simon is a certified business coach, executive coach and business growth specialist.

As a dedicated family man, everything he does is with his wife and two daughters at the forefront of his mind. 

His passion for business and entrepreneurial flair began when he was 17 years old when he set up a market stall with his two best friends.  They believed that they would become millionaires!  From this early age, Simon was motivated and inspired, and he went on to achieve a first-class honours degree in finance including business management.  His interest in business and underlying entrepreneurial skills have been invaluable throughout his successful career in London.  Having worked with several large financial institutions, consultants and advisors, one of Simon’s biggest buzzes is being instrumental in the acquisition of finance to build one of London’s most iconic buildings, The Shard.

With the City behind him, Simon now works closer to home and focuses on helping people make their business more successful and accomplish what they wish to achieve.  No matter what that need may be, Simon believes we can all achieve a rewarding lifestyle and realise our business goals. 

Our Approach to Coaching

Our approach to coaching is to establish a trusted advisor relationship, after all you are the expert in your trade!

Long Term – Together we will identify quick wins for short term gains, but the true value will be implementing strategies for long term results.

Present – The time you allocate to coaching is valuable.  We will put your interests first and will be fully focused on you and your aspirations.

Passion and Enthusiasm – We are genuinely interested about you and your business.  We will delve deep to understand your underlying interests and motivations.

Reliable and Authentic – We will do what we say we will do and hold you accountable to do likewise.  We will be open and honest, will challenge you and ask difficult questions, however we will also support and guide you.

You can also be assured that with ActionCOACH Hastings, you will have the world’s best systems and strategies to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Find out about what else you will get with Simon as your coach by reading the ActionCOACH Guarantee, HERE. 

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