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Rafal Wisniewski Complementary Therapy, Woking

I have progressive multiple sclerosis and have been treated by Rafal for the last 9 years with deep tissue massage, stretching, infrared lamp and, most recently, electro-stimulation and shockwave therapy. Rafal's treatments are quite simply the best I have found anywhere - and I have looked far and wide. As a result I have been able to maintain what the specialists tell me is an unusual degree of flexibility and have avoided much of the muscle deterioration, stiffness and pain that often accompanies MS. Rafal tailor-makes his treatments based on a deep knowledge of musclo-skeletal problems and constantly looks for ways to develop and enhance his treatments, which has been ideal for me as my condition has evolved over time. He has been, and continues to be, a huge help to me; and we have become good friends. I recommend him without reservation.