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Stephen Fry about the Healthy Planet Land adoption scheme.

"My mother will love the idea of a gift that supports a conservation project here in England, it's a mother's natural instinct to think of their children's future, so it's nice to say thank you in this way. This is quick & easy to do & will be fun to give her. Don't tell her because it's a surprise! Become my neighbour & support conservation by adopting a plot in any of Healthy Planet's protected parks around the world."

"Healthy Planet has sent me a personalised Land Guardian Certificate to give to my mother, and she can look at her adopted land on the Healthy Planet website - when she clicks on it, she'll see a photo of the two of us and a plaque dedicated to her."
Project Funding: Care for the Wild, Wendy Ahl

So far in 2011, 20 patrols have already been carried out in the Tsavo East National Park and the Masai Mara Reserve, removing dozens of illegal wire snares set to trap wild animals. Healthy Planet's donation will help us save almost 10,000 animals from horrific injuries and a painful death.

A big THANK YOU to Jackie Stansfield and Shaylesh Patel of Healthy Planet for donating so many books for Hallfield Primary School's Toy & Book Sale fund-raising event .
We raised a massive £500.00 that went to buying every class a digital camera to help record those magical moments in children's learning.
Many, many thanks from all at ...Hallfield School, W2!

Reham Johnson - Hallfield Homes School Association /Treasurer.
"Healthy planet has some really good ideas for involving people in green works. I am happy to support their efforts to reuse and recycle old books."

Chris Huhne, Energy and Climate Change Secretary
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