Windows Scam don't be fooled
24th February 2012
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Picture this, you are sat at home, you have recently had slow internet access or your PC appears to be dawdling; it happens.

You get a call from Microsoft or a company claiming to represent Microsoft. This is how is usually goes

You: Hello, hello, hello

Them: Hello sir/ maam I am calling from Windows Support and your computer has reported a virus!! Or: Your Windows licence has run out!!

You: Oh no what am I to do?

Them: Give us remote access to your PC and we can fix it for you for £180

Well you get the idea!

The caller is usually from India but claiming to be from a UK company, currently based in Manchester or Scotland (according to my customer who was called today). The number if displayed may show a UK number such as 02088191094 (number today) or just display 123456789

They will direct you to open your PC event viewer and give you directions. Now the event viewer is part of the admin set of tools and shows such things as logon successes, what services have started or stopped, if the time has changed etc. It is designed to show your errors and warnings, its job.

The caller will direct you to the red errors and yellow warnings to scare you into thinking you are in trouble. They'll even tell you that your currently installed security program cannot see this virus.

They then offer to remotely fix the issue if you pay them a fee, they sometimes claim their paypal facility is down so "ca you please use your debit card".

They will try to get you to download 'Logmein Rescue' or 'TeamViewer' both legitimate programs used by support companies. DON'T DO THIS!!!

It's a scam, your PC will not tell anyone it has a virus, no reputable support company will call you offering this service and you certainly shouldn't be paying £180 for a virus removal.

If they do call, try to get as much information as you can from them, phone numbers, company name etc before you hang up.

If you think you have a problem call your local reputable computer support company.

REPORT the scam to Action Fraud ( 0300 123 2040 they will give you a crime reference number.

Don't feel embarrassed - they call large companies as well as individuals. They can be convincing and sometimes threatening. Follow some simple steps




3. REPORT IT ON 0300 123 2040

4. Make sure you have good quality security software installed and up to date

If you are in any doubt give me a call Grantham 01476 573599

If still in doubt get them to give your PC a health check, it would be money well spent and saves you all the stress.


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