Where on earth did my Google Places listings go?
1st August 2011
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If you’ve listed your business on Google Places (a really good idea by the way) but have listed more than one business from the same address, then watch out! Google has strict rules about what you can and cannot do and can suspend your account without warning, if you break these rules.

That’s what happened to Grethe, who runs Thorns Farm Leisure (a beautiful ‘home-from-home’ B&B haven between Grantham and Newark).

Here’s what happened to Grethe:

“What I did wrong was that I made three separate Google listings (one for Camping, one for B&B and one for Caravan Storage) all with the same address and phone no.

Google accepted them for a long time, but suddenly I got suspended without any warning.

I was suspended for months and then once that was sorted it had a “pending” status for another month. It has taken over five months to get back on track after many hours of search trying to find out what to do and bucket loads of patience

It paid off though, because my valuable Google reviews are still there. It could be a warning to others to stay on the right side of Google.”

Google’s advice on setting up a Places listing can be found here.

The key advice is here:

“Even if you’re a doctor who is a cardiologist and a chiropractor or a service that covers multiple towns, you shouldn’t have two listings. Instead, use the description of your business or categories to explain the different services your business offers.”

So, you’ve been warned!

By the way, if you want a wonderful, relaxing break from managing your business, Thorn’s Farm is the perfect retreat – check it out here!

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