What is tennis elbow? Our Chiropractor in Grantham explains
16th August 2013
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Love or hate him, post Andrew Murray's Wimbledon success you may be motivated to pick up a tennis racket!

Lateral epicodylitis/opathy as it is known in the medical world, tennis elbow, is an irritation to the outer part of the elbow. And it can be painful.

It's obviously not just caused by tennis but can be the result of any movement that sees repetitive lifting, gripping or twisting of the forearm.

The way we will treat this at Prime Chiropractic in Grantham clearly depends on the severity and stage of the tennis elbow. Typical treatment includes

  • Consultation in terms of activity modification, elbow supports and ice application

  • Manual therapy to the forearm muscles, elbow joints and often therapy to the wrist, shoulder and neck too.

  • Recommended exercises. Specifically isometric/eccentric exercises which will allow you to strengthen the muscle/tendon without aggravating the pain. We like to encourage repair and healing.

Chiropractors are trained to treat many joint and muscular issues so give me a call on Grantham 01476 501301 

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