Valentines - Paint the town red
8th February 2009
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Valentines: you either love it, hate it - or perhaps you are indifferent?

Maybe you are still young enough to paint the town red! The Farndon Boathouse near Newark, at lunch time has live acoustic and vocals from Tee Dymond. She is a singer/songwriter who has risen from the depths of the 'good old days' at Nottingham's local open mic nights and is now a regular at venues all around Notts.

Or if you want something a little cosier there is The White Lion at Colsterworth near Grantham who have a great special Valentines menu.

I only found out today that the expression 'paint the town red' originated down the road in Melton Mowbray. The version I heard was that The Marquis of Waterford and some inebriated friends found some red paint left by the Post Office for their post boxes and proceeded to daub the town houses and buildings red! Plausible or not - I like the expression. If you know any more post me!

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