Take That and Elton John
29th November 2009
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Huge cinematic images of Simon, Cheryl, Dannii and Louis, then the screen parts and minature, partisan judges walk on stage - yes it's another Saturday night, another X Factor.

Danyl Johnson, gold, camp and Chrismassy did a fabulous version of 'Relight My Fire'

Lloyd who gets the under 15's vote sang a Million Love Songs and Olly Muirs 'a little bit of Essex' - oh I've forgotton what he did - well he sat on the stage for his first song and forgot to wiggle.

Little Joey did a Barry Manilow original 'Could it be magic' and it was magic - the kid can sing but does he have the charisma?

There is incredible support for Dagenham Stacey - she did the song from Stardust, a particularly challenging track. Dolly Power to Stacey!

As my daughter drew X Factors on her drawing pad, Mr X and I debated  (argued) the title of Stacey's first song - he was right with 'Rule The World.' He doesn't 'get' Stacey and Simon obviously doesn't want the Pride of Dagenham to win. He wants a bloke this time - Joe or Danyl.

Danyl last song - Your Song - was Elton's most iconic song and he made it his own. It was sensational.

So there's my votes - Stacey and Danyl. Who is your favourite Grantham?

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