Suffering from neck and back pain? Soothing Hands Grantham can help
3rd November 2011
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Is this you? Do you suffer from the strain of being hunched over the computer, with a phone wedged between shoulder and ear, giving you neck, shoulder, eye strain and headaches?  Or perhaps you are a driver who helps little old ladies when they get out of their cars? After sitting driving all day this can cause strain and discomfort to your shoulders, neck, back and shorten your hamstrings

Of course we all know the overall stress of being in business in these particularly trying times.  Poor posture habits causes fascial change around a nerve and as it becomes tighter it can cause numbness, zinging sensations and sometimes burning or weakness.

In the case of repetitive strain injuries that have muscle-based symptoms (weakness, pain, pressure, drawing sensations, congestion) the connective tissue surrounding and permeating through muscle becomes tight.

Bowen Therapy is a drug-free gentle, non invasivem hands-on remedial therapy which can be administered through light clothing. Bowen Treatment in Grantham is suitable for business people experiencing migraines, headaches, hamstring problems neck and shoulder pain and back problems.

Soothing Hands is local - three treatments is usually sufficient to bring about some relief.

A block of three bookings there will be a £30 reduction on the cost. So three treatments for £60 instead of £90 in November.

Also any business that are  holding Health and Welfare days, then I am more than willing to attend. Just let me know 07919 128352

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