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3rd June 2010
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We have all been there at some point, be it in the work place or at home. You hear the words you dread to hear, certainly from your kids but also from work colleques. "aaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhh it's not working dad" or "how did that happen I didn't touch it" .

You go see whats wrong and the beloved laptop, the centre of their world is not looking so good, no display, but more like a big black blob with shiny silver/white lines appearing. The screen has been damaged!!!!!!.

How did that happen? You try not to sound too angry but feel that you spend over £400 on that laptop and now its destroyed.

The kids are crying as they don't know what happened, or the days work seems to have disappeared in to nowhere.Their world seems to have ended and your wallet all of a sudden seems lighter then ever.

What can you do? Well to be honest you probably can't do alot yourself.

Don't fear though most laptop screens can be easily replaced in quickly and are not as expensive as you think.

Is it a straight forward job to do? Kind of if you have the right tools and know how.

Can I buy a screen and do it myself? again if you know what you are doing and can find the right screen then sure why not.

Can you find the right screen for the job? Probably not with out paying over the odds for it.

But never fear, help is at hand. Most laptop screens are from the same few manufacturers, beit an Acer laptop or HP, HD, backlit or widescreen, even your 10.1" netbook, the screen can be replaced.


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