London came to Grantham for the weekend
6th March 2010
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This was an important weekend in my world.

Mr X was under strict instructions to fizz and dazzle and as he had been excessively grumpy Friday night I could negotiate hard. I was going to cook, a rare occurrence, which  perhaps surprised, even perturbed, Fiona. Since I would be focused completely on ingredients and menus it was down to Him to entertain. Big relief - Mr X took to Mr R especially after he discovered that Russell had spent the day with The Saturdays who nobody else had heard of except my 9 year old ......and Mr X. How predictable! Suffice to say this was enough to impress and we had a lovely weekend. Russell even offered to install our new dishwasher which had been sitting in the cloakroom for months. Huge brownie points. Mr X didn't even try to flex his muscles - Russell’s were far bigger! Any way London survived coming to Grantham and allegedly survived my cooking.

Oh and Fiona I will get to the post office Monday to return the ring. After the wellies scenario you might be worried!

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