Lava Shells have come to Lincolnshire
8th October 2010
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Lava Shells is the 'world's first naturally self heating massage tool' - this is a new, full-body, hot-therapy massage using tiger-striped clam shells from the Philippines. Liz, my therapist, told me that this is a great, recycled product. The clams are part of the Philippine diet but the shells were thrown away until some bright spark realised they could be used as a massage tool.

I have to say that this is THE best massage I have ever had.

It is deliciously hot and soothing - I have now been utterly spoilt for any other massage. Thank you Liz at Enhance Beauty for this wonderful, self-indulgent treatment.

If you have any aches or pains please try this - if you don't have any real excuse, stress and modern day living will do. You are so worth it!

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