IT Firewall, do I really need one?
11th March 2010
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You have a small business network and want to protect yourself from all the threats out there on the internet, lets call them nasties. You have heard the term 'Firewall' but are unsure what it is or what it does, sounds expensive as well.

So what is a firewall? A firewall is a system that secures a network, it is designed to protect your network and more importantly your data not only business but personnel data from unauthorised access and users. They work as a barrier between the internet connection and your network. As well as acting as a barrier it can also be used to discover, prevent or mitigate various attacks on your systems.

Your business data is sensitive, you hold lists of customers, business banking details, payment details and various other sensitive data.

Your employees not only do your work but also  do online banking or online shopping, using their bank details to make purchases or just checking bank blanances.

With high speed broadband connections the norm across businesses can you really leave your business and employees open to attack from viruses, hacking attempts, worms viruses, trojans and rootkits.

The loss to small business not only financially but a loss of reputation can be crippling. If you are not protecting your assets then you could lose your customers.

Why run the risk, I am sure you protect your premises with lock and key or access control and alarms, you lock your vehicles and homes. Protecting your data is just as important.

So yes, as a business you should have a firewall as part of your network security as well as your anti-virus solutions. They are alot cheaper than you think and correctly maintained, updated and configured they are an asset to you.

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