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1st June 2008
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Aloha! A sunshine greeting on a very wet Sunday morning.

Bit nervous about kicking off but here goes:

Originally a City girl (London) and having had a relatively exciting career on two national newspapers, I found settling in Grantham difficult. That is, until I launched The Best of Grantham and The Best of Newark. It's been real fun and I have met so many fascinating people along the way with diverse and interesting lives. My members include an extra for dramas such as Trial & Retribution and Casualty, mums who are juggling two or three jobs married to Army or RAF boys, people who have relocated from warmer climes and clients who have toured with Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights) Respect!

I hope to bring you Grantham gossip, who is launching what and any snippets of local information.

I have just signed up a fabulous hypnotherapist in Colsterworth who can help us change our lives for the better and achieve some of those treasured goals.

More about that next time


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Hi there, welcome to my blog site. I will try to bring you up to date with whats going on out there in Grantham and surrounding areas.

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