Herbs that can restore and mend
6th September 2008
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The other day I met medical herbalist Katie Dobiesz who having moved up from London is now the medical herbalist at Living Health in Grantham. Her therapy room is like an Aladdins cave with a whole wall of edifying herbal bottles which can treat conditions from acne to angina. Katie can help whole families protect themselves from winter colds and she advises people who spend a large part of their day infront of a computer (that's me then!) to take time out to 'ground themselves' 'Chronic stress can be linked to a patient's environment and this can have a negative impact on the body' People need to readdress the balance. So when I have time I am going to do exactely that and have a consultation with Katie Dobiesz, who incidentally comes highly qualified, and perhaps she can help me with my insomnia.

Actually I can think of loads of things she might help me with. This week I pulled a muscle in my calf, mostly associated with competitive squash. I sadly was just doing a celebratory jig around the office! As I know Katie's consultation goes much deeper that just identifying symptoms I'm sure she will have her work cut out for her when I lie on the couch. On the other hand I may just fall asleep through chronic fatigue. Either way herbal medicine could be the answer.


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